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Job Specs for House Painting


Here are the job specs for every house painting project we undertake:

  • Pressure wash entire house to clean siding of any chalk, mildew, dirt, and pollution. When needed biodegradable cleaner guaranteed harmless to vegetation, children and pets.
  • Removal of all Shutters and thoroughly clean any dirt and debris behind them.
  • Hand scrape and clean all loose paint from wood surfaces. Primer all exposed wood with a high quality exterior primer.
  • Caulk all doors, windows and open gaps on all structures to be painted with a 35 year acrylic siliconized caulk.
  • Mask off all fixtures, doors, windows, foundation and roofing. Cover all plants, trees, grass and etc.
  • Application of TWO COATS of Sherwin Williams SW Super Satin Enamel paint with additives specially formulated for aluminum or wood siding. Adequate thickness will be applied to assure smooth, solid coverage.
  • Removal of all masking, clean, and landscape all work areas.
  • Brush paint and touch-up all areas on home.
  • Application of TWO COATS of enamel paint to all shutters and reinstall to their original position.

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